Saturday , March 25 2023

This week's 5th most popular TV shows for Netflix and other streaming services


Average Expression: 49,485,122

Description: "Magic and evil collide when half a man, half witch Sabrina, is moving between two worlds: the life of the deceased teenagers and her family heritage, the Church of the Night."

Rotten Tomatoes Critic Rating (Season 1): 90%

What critics said The adventures of Sabrina cooling are often cooled down, but this is rarely a lot of adventure. Netflix's new wing for Sabrina's theologian lace girl, who is struggling with Kierun Shipk ("Mad Men") as our spooky heroin, is at the start of the magic, but more than 10 episodes are getting more and more work and trouble than worth it. "- Margaret Lion, New York Times

Season 1 Premiere Netflix on October 26th.

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