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This is what you need to do when you connect with the soul

People often figure out or set their eyes on the idea of ​​soulmates. Understand that; is keen to believe that each of us has only one "ideal" game.

But not all who believe in their loved ones think about these words. The soul could be a romantic partner, or even a friend, relative, or teacher, with whom you have a deep, powerful, and often immediate connection. Throughout your life you might be faced with many women.

Another common misunderstanding is that relationships between soulmates are always sailing evenly, when in reality they can sometimes be quite rough. But even rough spots teach you important lessons and help you grow.

"Your soul must be your greatest teacher: the one who challenges you, accompanies you with scratches, gives you the most intense passion and ignite your deepest challenges," said persecutor Kylie Rosenberg, HuffPost. "The soul is the one who challenges the truth about the lesson you need to learn about your value, which you want and, most importantly, you do not want to live when it comes to love."

So what does it feel physically, emotionally and spiritually – when you connect with the soul? We asked the people who came across them described this experience.

You receive tremendous peace and tranquility.

"When I contacted Randy, it was an instant sense of correctness. It was not a hasty rush of emotions or hormones, but more of a feeling that the most powerful was calm and calm. Like the feeling that you get when you open the front door to your home after a long , an approximate journey, and you go and just feel at home. It's comfortable, it's calm, it feels good, and everything you can think of is how happy you will be there. I guess, to figure it out, it felt as at home when we met. I think that's why I'm comfortable and safe wherever we go while we're together. He's my house. "- Ashley Durham

You suddenly can not imagine what your life was like before.

"When I joined my soulmate, it just seemed natural, like a house that landed on the ground or the last piece on the puzzle. It was almost like I did not understand how I ever live without me without me." – Alyson G.

It seems that you are known to each other much longer than you have.

"I suffer from anxiety, so little conversation with strangers is never easy for me, but when my soulmate introduced myself to our college campus, I did not feel any of my ordinary nerves. I immediately felt comfortable when he shook my hand. I felt safe, when he walked beside me asking questions, I felt as if I could talk to him about all the thoughts that popped in my head. Although we just did not know each other, I felt much easier around him than some friends and family I know all my life. Our connection was right away. Absolutely natural. "- Holly Riordan

You have a gut feeling that it is your person.

"When I met my husband, I finally realized what the love songs were – I felt deep love and a connection with a completely different level, as if part of my heart became more open than never before, even after the age of 35. Within two weeks, when We knew each other, we felt compelled to create another life in the world, therefore, three weeks after mutual knowledge, we deliberately chose to imagine, and after four dating days I was purposefully pregnant. Each path along the road felt "right" in the most spiritual and most spiritual sense of the word, and we now have an incredible daughter together.

But the convincing connection that has brought us together has since then become a reality than romance. I believe that soulmates are those who call you to grow like never before: sometimes it happens through love; sometimes it's a problem. Our relationship has captured both of them, and now the greatest love of the soul that we can give to each other is now full of freedom. It also experiences exclusive rights. "- Judy Tsuei

With this person on your part you feel like you can deal with something.

"No one in the seventh class sees my soul friend, but I did it. I met a boy who became my best friend, and then, at age twelve, I was 14 years old, with a great relationship with somebody so incredibly intense. I was irreversibly In love with this amazing boy who has become the best man I've ever known. When he holds my hand, I can survive the worst pain and still perceive the immense beauty of the world, just looking into his eyes. He is my flashlight in the dark. My warmth is cold. I'm married for 18 years and in some ways we are with these two young children. Adults are hard at 37, but it's so much fun with your soulmate forever on your part. "- Jenelle M.

Feelings are intense and comprehensive.

"The link with my soulmate was a revelation. Before we met, I thought that all the relationships meant to change to better reconcile. Then I met my soulmate and I realized that what I call love was the so-called puddle in the ocean. different types and levels of love. My love is the soul. With this kind of love, compromise is not needed. You are, of course, another perfect partner. "- Jenica Wynne

Relationships just feel undoubtedly correct.

"I think my soul loving one was someone" for me "based on factors such as intense emotional connection or sexual chemistry. I wrote for almost ten years, I turned on and off what I described with such terminology. We could not build The future together, but we could not stop crossing the road.We never stopped loving each other but we agreed that there was not enough love. Because of our history, I was convinced that love would find a way – we could find our way. We never got our own resolution; he died two years ago.

But in his absence and in the process of repentance, new insights come to life. When I move forward with a new partner, I redefine the concept of "soulmate". I no longer believe in the soulmate, who drives me out of my malice or tug, who wants what he can not. My widow's grandmother recently shared with me wisdom, explaining that her love for her husband was proportional to how well she was feeling home. I'm convinced that love is the feeling of being right. "- Sarah Ann LaFleur

You feel safe with each other.

"It seemed that there was an invisible magnetic field between us. At first glance, it was not love, we first had friendship, but we wanted to spend a lot of time together. Everything that flooded between us was wonderful for us and I felt very safe and easy presence. During the month we were dating and after a week after my love I knew that I would seduce the rest of my life with him. "- Amanda Oleander

Your profound attitude towards the other goes far beyond the physical.

"When I first met my soul, I was immediately attracted to me physically. Not that he was not looking good, he was simply not my" tip ", but because of intuitive knowledge, I was at least researching the connection. On the first day, I felt that I knew him forever, simply by mixing our energies effortlessly, as if we were a lifetime friend. When he wants to walk, I remember that I thought I was not sure if I would recognize him coming back because I could not remember what He loved him because his nature attracted me rather than his physical nature. We were interconnected to a mental level that exceeded the physical body as if we had our relations in a different dimension, as well as here on earth. " Christy Jacobs

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