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The O-level grades will no longer form part of the Poly Grads admission mark for NUS, NTU from 2020


SINGAPORE From 2020 Polytechnic graduates who apply to the Singapore National University (NUS) and the Nanyang University of Technology (NTU) are no longer considered to be admitting their O-grade degrees, with the exception of some courses.

It comes with the Ministry of Education (MOE), lifting the existing requirement for the applicant's O-level outcomes, which includes 20 percent of his University Admissions Result (UAS).

The UAS is a system adopted by six autonomous universities to compare and evaluate the applicants' academic ability to enter university.

When announcing a statement on Thursday (November 8th), the second Minister for Education Indranje Rajah said that the Polytechnic GPA provides a "better and more current reflection" of the knowledge and skills that students acquire during post-electronics education.

"This, along with other initiatives such as discretionary admissions, is consistent with other changes that we have made in our education system, so that students with different types of study can be more varied," she said.

"It also better recognizes late bloomers and gives more opportunities to those who flourish after they have discovered their interest when they are older."

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Of the six autonomous universities, only NUS and NTU calculate applicants for UAS using 80% of the printing GPA and 20% of the O-level results.

The other four – the Singapore University of Management, the Singapore University of Technology and Design, the Singapore Institute of Technology and the Singapore University of Social Sciences – do not oppose the results of the "Second Level" when evaluating the Polytechnic, MOE said. This means that when evaluating the applicant, they take into account factors such as polytechnic VNP, skill tests and interviews and, if necessary, take into account the results of O level.

Polytechnic graduates who do not have a O-level certificate are currently rated for admission based solely on GNI. The MOE said that non-O-level students account for almost a quarter of those coming to the Polytechnic.

However, the MOE said that Polytechnic students can continue to submit their O-level results as additional information to support their applicants if they wish.

In addition, higher education institutions may continue to apply specific subject-specific requirements to determine the applicant's suitability, added to the MOE. For example, a Polytechnic student who wants to apply for a computer science course at NUS will require at least B3 O-level additional mathematics.

Details of changes to the application process for Polytechnic students NUS and NTU will be released in their academic year 2020.

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