Tuesday , March 21 2023

The active aging program should be transmitted to more Resident committee centers


SINGAPORE: A program to promote the active aging of older people will be expanded to a 400-member RC (RC) center – two-thirds of the total – until 2020, the People's Association (PA) announced on Sunday (November 18th).

Health @ Time @ RC, an initiative under the PA Wellness program, offers older people aging aging programs at RC Centers to make them more comfortable.

Prior to this transfer, it was mainly carried out at Community centers (CC).

The program focuses on five key areas – health education, health checks, nutrition and nutrition, fitness and physical activity, and social welfare.

Since April, approximately 200 RCs have already launched the program, although some may not have all five components. More than 60,000 seniors are estimated to have benefited from the initiative.

Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat, who spoke at the 10th anniversary of PA PA Wellness, said that PA was able to deepen and strengthen public awareness and maintain a regular and active participation of retirees.

"We better use our community's capabilities and network to promote health education, parenting and volunteering, and provide health services," Heng said, adding that it will help districts become places where retirees can be well-off for ages.

Lim Boon Heng, Special Advisor to the Chairman of the PA Council Board, said that all RCs and CCs should be active in the aging center, because they are located exactly where people live.

"If each RC can reach up to 1,000 elderly people and every SCEC is acting, then we have more opportunities to reach half a million really active retirees," said Lims.

Mr Heng emphasized that everyone needs to participate in order for older people to be active parents.

"As we continue to strengthen our healthcare system, national infrastructure and social assistance system and develop community partnerships, we must urge our pensioners to take responsibility for their well-being and maintain their physical, mental and social support and strengthen family support," he said.

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