Tuesday , June 6 2023

Taobao and Style Theory opens the first physical store in Singapore


Taobao eventually switches from online to offline with her first ceramic and mortar store near Nomadx (pronounced "nomad") at Plaza Singapore.

Nomadx covers 11,000 square feet on two floors of the mall, and Nomadx offers a choice of 17 other brands that offer a wide range of fashion, beauty, consumer electronics and F & B.

It includes the physical distribution points of the most popular online businesses, new branded products, as well as limited well-known labels.

style theory
Nomadx style theory / image credit: style theory

Some of these brands include clothing lease style theories, perfume design and mixology labels Oo La Lab, digital fashion week multi-label boutique and F & B brands such as Teapasar and Peapods.

Fashionista can also shop for fashion brands, such as the Karl Lagerfeld Pins collection of bags and accessories made in collaboration with Robinson.

Nomadx is also Singapore's first phigital multi-label concept store featuring a combination of physical and digital experiences.

The store adopts a tribal-based marketing strategy where CapitaLand CapitaStar members can register their visits using face recognition technologies, which then assign them to one of the four tribes – sea, mountain, forest, and wind.

"Every buyer profile is associated with the proposed shopping route, as well as product and transaction recommendations," said CapitaLand.

It will also include new retail technologies such as gamification, smart mirrors and interactive product walls.

For example, in a Mamonde skin care meter, you can place any product in the reader and display product information on the screen.

During the style theory, you can scan QR codes for sizes and styles.

In addition to shopping, Nomadx also houses F & B shops at Bizen Wagyu Steakhouse. Aston Soon, Coco & Frank and Waa Cow! To express

Suggested image credit: SBR

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