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Reporter who persecuted Jaylee Woo on scoop on Aloysius Pang, apologized, actress "really feeling bad" about the incident

Photo: Instagram screenshot

Singapore – Actress Jaylee Woo in the Instagram story has admitted that she "felt really bad" about how to put an aggressive way of asking for an interview late for Aloysius Pang.

The screenshot showed the reporter, assuming that Mrs Woo was thinking of a low-ranking journalist and that "Aloy would not do it".

Photo: Instagram screenshot

For this reason, the online community was concerned about the reporter's insensitivity and the disciplinary punishment of the petitioner and his editor was created. To date, more than 6 300 petitions have been signed.

In her Instagram story, Jayley said:

“In any case, I think about it, just as honestly about this petition, I felt really bad. I know I didn't have to put a screenshot, but … So he apologized to anyone who wants to know. Since I don't think I have to declare anything, but I just think I might have to pay for a job. I know that Aloysius doesn't want it to happen to everyone, although it might be the wrong time, the wrong emotions for me… ”

She continued to say thank you to everyone for their love and worry and to focus on the right things like spreading love, not hate.

Aloysius Pang's older brother has also spoken on this issue through a late actor agency, NoonTalk Media and their Facebook-based statement.

Jefferson Pang mentioned that "silence is wise" when it comes to more than necessary, and as "always the right time for everything, and it was not time" for the reporter Ang Ming Hwa, who persecuted Mrs Woo. He continued to extend his apology to the reporter and gave him the benefit of doubting that it was a "one-time mistake". He then asked the reporter to continue writing about the good experiences the latter had with his brother.

Jamerson Panga, Aloysius Elder Brother, Our Family Love, Dear Aloysius. As sons we have great…

Posted by NoonTalk Media on Tuesday, January 29, 2019

This item caused more than 3,000 reactions with many suggestions for the proper upbringing of Pang brothers.

Foto: Facebook Screenshot
Foto: Facebook Screenshot
Foto: Facebook Screenshot

The question began when Jaylee Woo and her twin sister Haylee shared the screenshots of the reporters who persecuted them for an interview with Aloysius. This event quickly went into the virus on social media with online personalities such as Xiaxue and Dee Kosh, followed by journalists, and identified them as Ang Ming Hwa, Lianhe Zaobao and Lianhe Wanbao. With the open words, netizens has begun a petition, hoping that proceedings will be launched against reporters.

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