Tuesday , October 4 2022

PS4 games SHOCK – Bloodborne 2 reveals a huge gambling prize in 2018? | Games | Entertainment


The software has dropped a shock teaser for Bloodborne 2 on the PS4.

The original "Bloodborne" was developed by "From Software," the exclusive release of PlayStation 4, launched in 2015.

One of the best games ever made – and of course one of the best on the PS4 – Bloodborne is the soul of the Gothic horror that makes his hat, H. P. Lovecraft.

And with the Old Hunters DLC, closing the original Bloodborne book, fans have been thinking of the outcome since then.

There were rumors that Bloodborne 2 will be announced in E3 in 2018, although it turned out to be false.

Instead, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice for PS4 and Xbox One will be announced from the software.

The Dark Souls developer also revealed the release of the new PlayStation VR Deracine, which contains a great teaser for Bloodborne 2.

Deracaine offers an item called Fiona's doll, which has an interesting intention for Bloodborne.

The description of the goods says: "The legend of the stone girl Fiona, which appears in the unfinished story.

"When a person has a bad dream, Fiona appears and helps them flee."

Lele has also completed the "Marta Contact" gesture, which suggests that Bloodbond's story is not over.

Maybe we'll see Bloodborne 2 at The Game Awards in December 7th.

Bloodborne fans should also turn to Dark Souls for release: outside the grave volume 2 later this month.

Already in the hands of Kickstarters supporters, the book looks closer at Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3.

"This second volume devoted to the Soulsborne series is the exploration of these games, its stunning stories, their aesthetics and their design philosophy," reads the book's description.

"Bloodborne and Dark Souls III are just as different as the one. What they are telling us about the No Software study, maker Hidetaka Miyazaki, enhances the video game industry.

"This book deals with the development process, the analysis of stories and their topics, and the music of each game. The latter chapter, in turn, goes beyond this ability to study the series with a transverse approach, from visual effects and marketing to the selection of games."

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