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Naby Keita: Liverpool's missing link Mid-level player who has reached the form right at the right time

It would be fair to say that before his first goal for Liverpool against Southampton in April, Naby Keita was unable to justify his 52.75 million pounds in his first season in Anfield.

The best way to describe a 24-year-old who couldn't show performances, as he did on a regular basis to West Ham United and Bournemouth, was that he was demanding big transfer fees.


However, the Red Rivers have turned out to be the formation of Kate, the shape of which has greatly improved since the first goal of the Liverpool shirt and has become an integral part of the history of side chasing.

It was a history that the former RB Leipzig midfielder last took the 5-0 thrashing of Huddersfield, because after 15 seconds he scored the fastest club in the Premier League team with his own achievement.

Entrance to Terrier's host Jon Stankovic gave Keita the opportunity to show why he was bought. Guinea pressed internationally for a moment when Jonas Lossls went to the middle ground, destroyed the Slovaks, before the measurements were finished behind the goalkeeper.

That was what he did in Bundeslig during the last two seasons at RB Leipzig and what he did in Anfield in recent weeks.

His first goal in Liverpool 3-1 in Southampton was important given his title. Late arrival in the penalty area, his header put the Reds back on equal terms before half time playing what they just had to win and did.

Kate's goal was to play with him again against FC Porto. Although the execution was a little accidental – as his strike took an unfavorable deviation to point to Iker Casilli – he came from being involved in the last third and linking the middle line and the attack that Liverpool was accused of not having .

Although goal evaluation is an obvious method for his improvements over the last few weeks, it is his general game, which has also gone up. Keita offers a composition in the middle of the field, with her body structure, allowing her to almost slip through the pitch, and carry the ball in progressive places with her obvious impact.

Perhaps the obstacle of his game is better than his ability to win back. It was no secret, as he did in Germany, with his approach adapted to the side of Jurgen Clop – a high energy approach and cruelty to win the ball back by pressing.

Yes, these goals pointed to the games that followed the Chelsea and Cardiff games, but there were no previous games, as Liverpool kept pressure on the first league title in 29 years.


Keita is not the first player to experience a slow start to her Anfield career in Clop. Andy Robertson also had to drive last season. Since then, he has made use of the opportunity to become the first choice left again in the club, which led him to select the PFA team this season.

Another summer that signed this season in the form of Fabinho was also patient for his chance in the midfield, and, like Robertson, has since become the main player in front of four backs that allowed Kate to have time. to be a success in the club.

Undoubtedly, there are the Kuta districts to improve, especially the help he provides. After providing 12 Bundesliga aids during two seasons in RB Leipzig between 2016 and 2018, the midfielder has so far received only one Premier League assistance.

Naby Keita, James Rodriguez

The installation of Liverpool, however, relies heavily on the fact that their players are creative because Trent Alexander-Arnold helps in nine leagues and Robertson's 11 performances. This, of course, has put pressure on the midfield to create, but it's stats that Keita will look for improvements.

At the moment, Kate has turned out to be an important player who could get into a club that will win both the Premier League and the Champions League matches, and his manager did a lyric for the last example of his coming from Anfield.

"People expect you to pay money for a player, and from the first day he will be able to show what he can do," said Klopps from Kate after a 5-0 Huddersfield victory, as Liverpool Echo said.

"It would be nice if it were that simple, but he needed time, we gave him time and now he's there. It was sure his best game tonight, in many departments.

"He was calm at the right moment, in a positive aggressive moment, winning the ball, blocking the loopholes, passing the ball, being safe with the ball, turning and creating. It was just an excellent game."

The comprehensive midfielder seems to have found the shape exactly for his time and club in such a significant season.

Naby Keita, Roberto Firmino

Liverpool's starting line is now Keti's place, and if the season ends with one or even two trophies, some of them will remember their slow start in Liverpool.

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