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Man admits that he captures the ex-lover by placing his number in sex ads


SINGAPORE: What started as a short link with a man with whom she met at a parent's workshop became a nightmare for a woman who was depressed and persecuted for months after she left her.

Tay Ling Choon, 47, on Monday (January 14) found guilty of detaining his former lover whose identity was protected by the gag.

He sent hundreds of malicious messages, threatening to hurt himself and posted gender graphical ads that list victim contact numbers.

Tay met with a 40-year-old divorce in November 2015, and a couple of later began sexual relations, Deputy Prosecutor Lim Shin Hui.

The victim stopped the relationship in January 2016. Trouble began a month later when Tay began sending his reports of suicide to "put an end to the pain", the prosecutor said.

She blocked her on various messaging platforms, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber and Line, but she couldn't block her by sending SMS or MMS (multimedia messaging services).

She deleted some of them, but 194 other reports from Tay were found when the police checked her phone during the investigation.

ADDED TO VICTIM Family Members

In his letters, Tay threatened to commit suicide and pretended to be his mother, who told the victim that he had killed himself.

He also threatened to "tell everything" to a woman's former husband, look for her daughter at school, and upload photos and videos from those who have sex.

His messages to her were subject to vulgarity and abusive language.

After this week, the woman filed a complaint with the judge in March 2016 and the case was referred to the Community Mediation Center. After receiving a letter from the center, Tay sent a lot of SMS to the victim, offending her and calling her a prostitute.

Tay, who is unemployed, started advertising her alleged sexual services on the Internet, indicating their contact number. On the same day a woman submitted a police report.

While the process was running, Tay drew attention to the woman's son. In April 2016, Tay spoke to a high school where his son participated, claiming that the victim's son had threatened to beat his son.

The woman was informed about this statement in her son's school and erased the air with the school.

A couple of days later, the couple attended a mediation session at a mediation center. They signed an amicable settlement agreement stating that they would not engage in each other and would not harm each other or their family members.

Tayi needed only half an hour to start calling the victim again.

The following month, the victim began receiving reports from strangers asking about sexual services. When she questioned them, they referred to the Tay Facebook account where she had listed the sexual services she might have provided at a price along with the payment methods.

She continued to receive such an investigation by August and found out that Tay had also written for the online site Locanto.

In addition to the murder charge, Tay was also found guilty of stealing cell phone bags from a store in Serangoon.

He will return to court for conviction on 28 January. He may be imprisoned for up to one year, up to S $ 5000 or both.

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