Thursday , January 27 2022

Live Listen on iOS 12 can be misused to connect iPhone and AirPod for spying purposes


Live Listen is an iPhone and iPad feature that has been around since the introduction of iOS 12 several months ago, but so far it has not received the same public attention as Memoji, Group Face Time, Screen Time, App Restrictions or newly created announcements.

Unfortunately, Apple, originally conceived as an excellent accessibility tool for hearing impaired iOS users, is now creating headlines as a potential way to spy on disproportionate friends and family members.

As it turns out, enabling iPhone Live Listen functionality and leaving the device close to the person you want to listen to will allow you to do so just by pairing the AirPod over another room.

It is almost self-evident, it is not a completely new feature, but if other people think of using AirPods, iPhone and Live Listen, they have never announced whether they are lucky enough to see their tweets become a virus.

For those who don't know, Live Listen can be activated from the iPhone or iPad settings menu by accessing the Control Center, then Customizing Controls and finally hearing to add the respective widget to your control center. All you have to do is set to Live Listen to On.

According to Apple's support websites, the goal was to "help you hear a noisy room or hear someone talking in the room", basically turning the iPhone or iPad into a remote microphone that sends sound to the Made for iPhone hearing aid. You may still use the Live Listen feature for the original, noble purpose, not to break into everyone's privacy. In any case, there may be better and more sophisticated ways to do it.

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