Monday , March 1 2021

In the Australian desert, we found strange articles in a spiral form

The alien drawings came as spirals in the Australian desertThe discovery was made thanks to satellite maps.

American ufologists and virtual archaeologists, the host of the popular YouTube channel UFOmania, created another striking breakthrough.

The researchers tested the Australian desert satellite photos and suddenly noticed one of them tens of spiral ground, each with a diameter of about 23 meters.

Obviously, these mysterious drawings could not have been created by nature itself. The experts carefully studied the mysterious aerial photos and concluded that the spiral appeared here for centuries or even thousands of years ago. But who is the author of such an amazing art? Perhaps the representatives of the civilization of ancient civilization? Does anyone who is not from our world?

Spiral with the rim is one of the oldest drawings that people use, including spiritual practice. The spiral is a symbol of growth and evolution. If the circle refers to a closed loop, the spiral symbolizes continuous development.

How do you think many indirect people felt that these decorations were once created for foreigners.

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