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Fernandes, given the improved Belingon


Bibiano Fernandes
ONE Champion World Champion in Weight Bibiano Fernandes from Brazil – ONE CHAMPIONSHIP

He had his way when they met for the first time in the ONE Championship cricket, the world's champion champion Bibiano "The Flash" Fernandes, while still convinced that he was able to do work, believes that much improved Kevin Silencer Belingon is set to face him when they are re-completed this week in Singapore.

Brazilian Fernando, the main event of "ONE: Lion's Heart" on November 9th at the Singapore Stadium, for the first time since the first clash more than two years ago, faces Philippine Belingon, the world's premier champion.

The upcoming fight is a fusion between two emerging fighters in their division into one championship, Asia's largest sports property.

In his first meeting, "One: Champion's Dynasty" in China in January 2016, Fernandes (22-3) prepared a brief work by Mr Belingon (19-5), presenting the Kimura tournament in the start-up and successfully defending his title.

Driving champion under the Brazilian championship said he had the intention to repeat the "Lakay" stulwart and continue to hold his seat belts since 2013.

However, he quickly announced that he was hoping that half-way to Bleinington would give him a more difficult challenge, armed with the lessons he learned from their previous battle.

"Kevin Belingon has greatly improved, I've seen him as a competitor in recent years. I know that in our rematch, Kevin will be a very different fighter," said Mr Fernando of his opponent who won the six straight wins of the championship since the season's win.

"However, I am very convinced that my skills are sufficient to beat him again. Yes, he is dangerous, but I will control the pace and outcome of this struggle. I do not take Kevin Belingon for granted, and I teach harder than ever to make sure that I'll win over his best version in Singapore, "he added.

Mr Fernandes refused to predict how the fight will end, but he said he would be a world champion, he would use all the opportunities offered and dedicated to him.

"I've held this name for a long time, and I'm not going to give it up now. I'm ready to go in five rounds, but I'm ready to finish the race by blocking or submitting when this opportunity comes out. I hope that on November 9 this year a show will be shown, "he said.

Both Mrs. Fernandes and Belingon come to victory over the similar enemies in the lightweight champion of the world, Martin "The Situ-Asia" Nguyen.

Mr. Fernandes narrowly beat Mr Nguyen, also a former lightweight champion, dividing the decision in March this year, while Belingon won over Vietnam-Australia, unanimously deciding in July.

Fernandes vs. Belingon was supposed to be the main trait in the Lion's Heart champion against the champion clash between Chinese female champion "The Panda" Chinese Xiong Jing Nam and women's holiday champion Angela "The Unstoppable" Lee of Singapore.

Unfortunately, on Monday, it was announced that the fight between Miss Xiong and Lee would not be imposed due to back injuries that Lee was subject to ending training.

Instead, Mrs Lee's brother, a Christian, will be shown at the main event against Japan's Kazuke Tokudome in a light fight. – Michael Angelo S. Murillo

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