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Doctor in HIV data leak case to stand trial for drug-related charges, Courts & Crime News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE – A trial over the drug-related illnesses of the Singapore-based individuals' confidential information will start on May 29.

However, it has not been fixed yet.

According to court documents, Ler, 36, had access to the registry which contained the names of people body HIV-positive in Singapore prior to February 2012.

While they are on the fly, they have been able to save the information on a thumb drive.

They claim that they have not been able to take care of them.

Ler, who does not have HIV, has an HIV-positive boyfriend to get a job pass here.

Following an earlier trial, District Judge Luke Tan in the Singapore Guilty of Helping the Brochez Deceive the Ministry of Manpower into a Passport in March 2013 after red flags were raised.

In September last year, Ler was also guilty of a second blood test in January 2014, when they were questioned about a second blood test.

During his trial, Ler claimed he had given these statements under duress. His various allegations were rejected by Judge Tan.

Among other things, Ler said that he was being questioned at the table and shouted at him to "stop playing games". This was a refined by the relevant officers.

The judge had said they found it hard to believe Ler, who flip-flopped in his testimony of the officer who was allegedly hostile towards him.

Ler was sentenced last year to jail and is appealing against his conviction and sentence. The prosecution has dropped its appeal against his sentence.

Ler had engaged defense lawyer Amarjit Singh Sidhu in his earlier trial whom he later discharged.

Speaking to the Straits Times on Thursday, January 31, the lawyer from Amarjit Sidhu Law Practice received: a lawyer now. "

Even though Ler remains a doctor for now, he has a doctor.

Brochez, 34, was sentenced to 28 months' jail in 2017 for offenses including cheating, possessing drugs and using forged educational certificates.

He was deported after completing his sentence.

Ler and Brochez are now at the center of the high-profile data breach.

MOH revealed that more than 14,200 people living with HIV were leaked online by Broc.

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