Tuesday , March 9 2021

Dentists said that the state of sleep causes a tooth decay

The dentist explained what a sudden sleep is causing cariesIt turned out that sleeping with an open mouth is bad.

Scientists at the University of New Zealand have warned the public about the risk of large dental caries if you lie open with your mouth. In this case, the risk of dental damage increases several times, researchers decided.

When the sleeping person opened his mouth, the cavity was filled with air, drying his wall, which makes the body actively produce saliva, found out from Magicforum experts. It increases the acidity level, gradually destroys the tooth enamel. The result of these processes is tooth decay. In addition to the above, when you sleep with an open mouth, it can easily penetrate various infections.

Scientists have made several suggestions rather than sleeping in the mouth. First of all, you should check the medical specialists' respiratory system, as this may indicate not only the application of the nose, but also asthma formation. It is also important to check the teeth that you want to visit at least twice a year.

The reason for sleep with an open mouth can be neurological illness. In this case, you should consult your doctor and try to reinstate your nervous system, which is necessary in order to minimize the amount of stress and learn to accept living conditions.

Sleep opens during sleep and less "global" for health reasons. Consequently, this condition can be caused by the condition of the wrong body during the rest of the night. This means that the posture lays on the back to the low cushion, causing the head to pull back and the jaw opens.

To avoid this, experts suggest choosing a comfortable position for sleep, as well as eating night-effect herbs with a sedative effect. Such plants are Valerian, peppermint, reddish oil, thyme, lemon balm, potato, St. John's wort, peonium, etc.

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