Monday , March 8 2021

Chelsea news: Hazard reveals when he takes Real Madrid decision | Football | Sports

Since then, Belgium's international power has been closely linked to Real Madrid, as he is home to give up at the World Championships in the summer.

The time has since signaled that Laila's heavyweight is the only club he will leave for Chelsea, calling them "dream clubs."

The 27-year long-term future is in the air, leaving only 18 months in its current Chelsea agreement.

However, despite the desire of the London club to threaten the GBP 300,000 weekly deal to reject Madrid lures, it has not yet forged that he will put the pen on paper.

It's reported that Hazard will wait for Real Madrid to inform him if they are planning to launch an offer to sign him next summer.

Despite reports, Los Blancos chose not to risk in the last summer, but lacked the x-factor in third place, as Cristiano Ronaldo went to Juventus.

And thanks to the strong 2018, astonishing in the World Cup and providing eight goals and four assistants this season – including seven Premier League competitions – it is likely that the threat will become their main goal.

But again asked about his ambition to play in Real Madrid, "Danger" claims that his future is not in his mind right now, but he will face it at the end of the campaign.

"I'm just thinking of Chelsea now," he told the Belgian broadcasting company Sporas.

"The competition lasts seven or eight months, after which I will see what's going on.

"The coach has the same football philosophy as I. He always thinks about the ball.

"As we, players, think about football, this is also his way of thinking.

"If you see how Naples plays, it's thanks to Maurizio Sarri.

"His style is now reflected in Chelsea, he also has players in the system.

"So, yes, we're very happy, we're good at football."

Chelsea is unbeaten at 18 games in Sarri, who has not lost any Italian competition yet, and I hope that after the international break (Saturday, November 24th, at 5.30pm) we will face Tottenham opponents.

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