Thursday , February 25 2021

Campaigns are asking for an explanation after the restoration of the West Ham coach after a good March investigation

ANational racist campaigns demanded a full explanation from West Ham United on Monday evening after the club confirmed that trainer Marc Philips would avoid dismissal for young people under the age of 18, apparently attending the March of the Democratic Football Latte Alliance.

Philip was stopped last month after he had described in social media that he attended a London demonstration, in which the organizers were reportedly committed to protest against the "returning Jews", "thousands of Awol migrants," "rape gangs and groomers" and " .

Telegraph Sport later discovered that the former cab driver had historic links with the notorious middle-aged factory hooligan clothing, a childhood friend of a well-known former member of the Cass Pennant.

The Fillips study concludes that there are not enough grounds for dismissal after legal counseling for employment specialists, which is to be understood. Phillips, who did not offer resignation, was finally warned.

"West Ham United can confirm that following the suspension and follow-up, the academic trainer Mark Philips has been reinstated in accordance with labor law and is reminded of his duties," read the club announcement.

In response to this, Kick It Out, an anti-discrimination charity, told Telegraph Sport: "For transparency reasons, we hope that a clear explanation of their decisions will be made public. As always, we are ready and willing to offer support to the club around any possible discrimination investigation. , as well as advising on the best possible follow-up when a club representative attends an event that may be controversial to the local community. "

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