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Bus passenger detained to attack driver who missed his stop, Courts & Crime News & Top Stories


SINGAPORE – An angry bus passenger encountered his driver after he left the stop and forced him again when he was at the wheel.

Passengers had to intervene after Lu DeJiang seized the neck of Deng Da Qun, whose head almost struck the corner during the confrontation.

On Monday (November 12th), Lu was sentenced to five weeks in jail after the perpetrator was considered one at the expense of each attack and rashes that threatened the safety of others.

A 40-year-old Chinese citizen said that two months ago, on November 12, 2016, about noon. 11.00 from Admiralty go to SMRT 912 service.

Lu, who worked as a driver, wanted to go home, and was about to reach block 888, Woodlands Drive 50, but Dens did not stop the bus when it reached Lu's stop.

State Chancellor Nicholas Lai said: "The defendant angryly approached Deng at the bus and questioned why Dens did not stop at the previous bus stop so he could escape.

"Dens replied that he did not stop the bus because he did not hear the bus ring ring. The defendant insisted he had a pressed call and demanded that Dens open the bus door so he could get off."

The gentleman did not do this, suppressing Lu, who pushed his shoulder, head and neck.

Mr Dens stopped a bus, which had 11 passengers on board, stopped at Block 515, Woodlands Drive 14 and Lu's grasped neck.

Several other passengers were different from the couples, and later Lu tried to grab Deng's hand when he called the police.

Officials came to arrest Lu, and 43-year-old Mr Deng sought an attitude of minor injuries. He was given day-care leave.

Lu was declared fearful of $ 5,000, and on December 3 he handed over to the national court to initiate a verdict.

He could be imprisoned for a period of up to six months and fined up to $ 2,500 when rash. He could be imprisoned for an attack for a period of up to two years and a fine of up to $ 5,000.

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