Monday , March 1 2021

Badminton: P.V. Sindh, the badminton's great earner, notes place No. 1, sports news and top stories

HONKONGA (AFP) – Indian Badminton Star P.V. Sindhu paid attention to her world-wide reach after reaching the world's first world after she shook the opening nerve to reach the last 16 times in Hong Kong on Wednesday (November 14th).

The winner of the last year's second place and the current National 3. Game needed an intermediary for coaches when he beat Thailand's Nitchaon Jindapol from 21 to 15, 13-21, 21-17.

Afterwards, Sindhu, who has won the Olympic silver since 2016, has become one of the world's top paid athletes, told AFP that she was looking at 1st place.

"It will not be easy, because there are some players who come out. But definitely one day, I will become World 1st, that's what I feel," said Sindhu, who was briefly lined up last month.

"Top 10 to 15 world players are in the same standard, so only the day that plays well and is best played is No. 1."

Sindhu, 23, narrowly lost the 2017 Hong Kong finale to the Taiwanese world No. 1 Tai Tsu-ying, who has dominated over the past two seasons.

The Indian player has had a series of disappointments because of losing five straight finals, including Asian matches against Thailand.

Sindhu's last victory against Thailand was in the Rio Olympics, on the way to the silver medal, which led to the confirmation of the flood. The August magazine Forbes ranked her seventh in the world, the highest-level sportsman.

She said that her height and height had inspired other Indian players and expressed her hope for her show.

"Many of them have taken inspiration from me, and after this year there is also a lot of hope. Therefore, in order to meet their expectations, I have to be there and I have to continue to work," she said.

"Of course, I think Indian badminton as a sport grows, and you see that many people are getting badminton, so I can say that this is a good signal for Indian badminton, because you will certainly see many more players up for some years."

Sindhu looked like he quickly opened his opening game on Wednesday, giving Nitchaon the first game.

But she began to tremble shortly after Nitchaon's strong smashes swept away their submission in the second game.

But at the last interval when Peter's conversation appeared, Sindhu regained the decider after several important points were thrown out in Thailand.

"I think I'm not up to the mark," Sindhu said.

"I was very nervous. In the second set I gave a lot of lead and began to play a negative, but in the third set it was like I was leading, and then she came back closer.

"I could simply play freely … In general, it was very tactic, and we had to be very focused and keep the state in court."

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