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All SCDF paramedists must be equipped with body-worn cameras by 2020, Singapore news and most popular stories

SINGAPORE – Singapore Civil Defense Forces (SCDF) paramedists will be equipped with body-worn cameras from Friday (February 1) to improve the quality and effectiveness of emergency medical assistance.

On Thursday, SCDF said that the body-worn camera, which is a compact device worn over the ear, will gradually be deployed to all medical staff by 2020.

Entries from these cameras will be used for training and training purposes and will assist SCDF in clarifying medical procedures.

The devices will also provide greater responsibility for the interaction between the members of the ambulance team and the emergency patient.

SCDF announced that in the long term, it plans to include in the cell broadcasting facilities, which will allow doctors outside to provide medical assistance to paramedics who attend complex cases if necessary.

To respect patient privacy in certain situations, such as pregnancy and childbirth, paramedics will be able to stop recording on devices.

Assistant to Commissioner Yazid Abdullah, Director of the SCDF Medical Department, said the camera-worn cameras are part of the use of force to use technology to improve emergency medical operations and improve patient performance.

"At the same time, we have introduced rigorous control measures to regulate body-worn cameras and recorded data," he added.

For example, the collection, storage and use of data may only be handled by authorized personnel, the SCDF said in a statement.

Any access to the data will be recorded for audit purposes, and the data will also be encrypted to provide additional security.

SCDF will also ensure that data is deleted after 90 days from the date of recording, unless there is a reason to keep it, for example, for police investigation.

"Any officer abusing body-worn cameras or data will be seriously considered," the statement said.

Since 2015, police officers have begun to use body-worn cameras to facilitate police investigations and evidence gathering, among others.

Cameras that can capture audio and video are worn in front of the officer. It was fully deployed by June 2016.

In recent years, other organizations such as the National Environment Agency and Sats Security have gradually equipped their staff with body-worn cameras.

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