Thursday , March 30 2023

Zvezdina meta and Mirko Ivanić


The Red and White leadership continues to look at Belarus


Red Star managed to recruit Nemanja Milunoviča, but he does not want to stop there when it comes to the Belarusian market. The biggest Serbian stadium is currently circulating, and the story is that the champion and head coach of the sport Zvezdan Terzic try to get BATE Borisov's long-term desire – Mirko Ivanić.

After some transitional periods, people from the Red Star tried to reach agreement with Ivanov and BATE Borisov, but did not give in. There could be another serious attempt, and if the Montenegrin representative still believes that he does not plan to return to Serbian football, this is likely to be the last time he sees him in the Maracan team's vision.

How to hire To smackit is not enough to agree with the player, as in this case Milunovich. Vezista has entered into an agreement with BATE Borisov, and the Belarusian champion will demand compensation. Last winter they asked for EUR 1.7 million, possibly at the same price.

There is no doubt that Red Star, despite its high revenues, will not give a compensation of $ 1.7 million, and no doubt, the negotiation room will be all that is possible. To smack In March, he extended the contract with BATE Borisov, but it was not published so much. Even on the special "Transfermarkt" site, the information is not available until there is cooperation with the semicircle and the club.

To smack since 2016 has been to Belarus, arrived from Vojvodina and previously rejected Partizan's strong offer. He then said "no" to Red Star several times and, at the same time, won the winning status, and it is surprising that he did not fit into any of the strongest leagues in 2017 or the beginning of 2018 than it was in Belarus.

Bringing To smack it's not imperative for Zvezda, because it has a wide range of toys and a variety of combinations, but this, of course, will not be delayed by Ljutice Bogdan if there's a good chance of getting a job.

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