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Windows 10 Update: Problem with USB connectors and SD cards

Microsoft has issued a warning that the 10 May update for Windows 10 devices does not affect those who have USB connections and SD cards because drivers are installed that do not allow installing a new update.

Source: PCPress

Photo: David Ramos / Getty Images

Photo: David Ramos / Getty Images

Incorrect driver scheduling can occur on any computer that has a USB memory or SD card slot attached, and such devices are currently blocked when the new Windows 10 update is challenged. Users who remove all of these are also associated with these connections, will receive a message that the mayor is blocked due to problem-solving devices that are connected to the computer. The problem can be said quite quickly because it is enough for users who received the message to remove the connection problem and restart the update installation, PC Press.

The new Windows 10 complication will not affect all users, but only those with Windows 10 version 1803 (April 2018 update) and 1809 (October 2018), but those with older versions can easily get the May updates regardless of whether they have removed the USB ports or if this is not possible.

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