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What is and how enriched in the case of Lazarus Markovich, what is the role of Nikolai Damjan?


"Football likes" and "Spiegel" try the transfer of Serbian pearls from Partizans through the famous leader

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The football version of Football Likes, the WikiLeaks football version, the transfer of players and cash flows that were published in the Spiegel series, entitled "Powerful football agent in the world," did not exceed Serbian football, accentuating two Partizan players – Lazarus Markovich i Danilo Panticfor the first time abroad using well-known drivers Pini Zahavi i Nicholas Damjanaka.

Hamburg magazine dealing with wealth Pini Zahavi writes that in April 2012, immediately after becoming an adult, 100% of the transfer of Lazar Markovic was acquired by Leiston Holdings, one of the tax debt countries in the Virgin Islands. The purchase price is € 7,000,000, just as it was written in the Serbian media, which is often quoted by President Steam Roller. Dragana Đurića.

"The transfer of strikers to Lisbon, Benfica, was carried out in June 2013. The Portuguese club has transferred € 6.25 million to Leiston to buy only half Markovic & # 39; s contracts. July 2014 Markovich The Premier League has paid EUR 25,000,000, of which 12,500,000 have gone to Benfica, while the remaining 12,500,000 (half of the possessions) are in Leistone. In this way, Leiston has transferred between EUR 7 000 000 and EUR 18 750 000 over two years through the Caribbean, where there is no tax '- transfers to Spigl.

Leiston has done two more dealings with "third parties" that FIFA will forcefully leave football later on.

"Just a few days after the right to buy Markovich The contract, on May 3, 2012, Leiston agreed to pay € 250,000 to Sport End Mor, registered in New York State. Behind this company was Serbian manager Nikola Damjanaka. Obviously he received a fee that helped Leiston provide the right to Markovich.

Although Sport End Mor was a contractor, Damjanac subsequently asked Leiston to pay the above 250,000 euros to LIAN Sport in Malta. That's not all, May 3, 2012. Damjanac signed another contract with Leiston, now with Goldline, located in Swiss Kyaz. Under this agreement, Leiston transferred EUR 2,000,000 to Goldley's account, the reason for the transaction was the aid for the transfer of rights Lazarus Markovich"

Spigel is wondering why they are Pini Zahavi and Leiston Holdings, according to the explanation of the "advisory services", moved to more than 30% of the 7,000,000 euro cash in two different addresses.

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