Sunday , October 17 2021

VW Polo and Golf on Methane are a great choice

Although the future of the Volkswagen Group is hybrids and vehicle power, combustion engines have been dominant for several years.

For those who want a diesel-powered car without losing the benefits of the TDI engine, VAG offers the option of compressed natural gas (methane) recovery.

Subsequently, the sister companies SEAT and the code improved Aaron and Octavius ​​with TGI and G-TEC drives, and the VW group came into the same prize.

VW has unveiled the revised Polo TGI and King Golf TGI versions. Polo won the third CNG tank with 16.5 liters, which adds up to 9.15L.

According to the new WLTP Gaseous Emission and Consumption Standard, the Polo TGI with a 1.0-liter three-cylinder set of 90 hp reaches 368 kilometers only with CNG.

For golf, the TGI version has a new 1.5-liter ethanol cylinder with 130 hp, which requires 3.5-3.6 kg of natural gas per 100 kilometers.

Compared to its predecessor, Golf TGI can now go over 80 kilometers with less emissions.

With a boozer that announced the release of the new, eighth-generation Golf, for the year, it is definitely the latest Mk7 upgrade.

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