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Vucic for the acquisition of Copernicus: Resists Monopoly Economy


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Serbian President reacts to the contribution of Telekom Srbi – the acquisition of the cable operator Copernicus: ıilas and Sholak want to destroy Telecom for the benefit of one company and two or three people

COMPANY Telekom Srbija is not a public undertaking and must take on the responsibility of the market, and Dragan ıilas and Dragan Šolak want to destroy it, in order to have a complete monopoly in Serbia. Today in Helsinki, Serbian President Aleksandr Vuchik announced it in response to journalists about the takeover of Cable Operator "Copernicus" Telekom.

"They want to destroy Telekom as a joint-stock company in which the state has a certain part, considering the interests of one company and two or three people who want a complete monopoly in Serbia," said Vucic.

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He pointed out that Telekom is in competition with SBB, the largest cable operator Dragan Solaak, in which Vučić says, and she has a strong interest in selling Dajrekt Media and her building.

Vucic recalled that he only supported the privatization of Telekom.

"TELEKOM": WE DO NOT PLAY TELEVISION – It is completely false claims that Telekom has bought a Copernicus TV for any other television company or plans to buy any television network at any time, Telekom said today. According to a statement, Telekom has acquired the Copernicus Technologies cable operator in line with its strategic commitment to take the lead in the region's telecommunications sector and thus has not violated any rule of law. Strengthening the company's position will ensure competitiveness in the television distribution market, more favorable and high quality services for the population and the possibility to choose dominant television service providers with the monopoly of the cable operator.

– I was lonely in Serbia and you, experts from the Serbian alliance, told us: "No, get the market, supporting trade unions and others." Today they see that they protect their private and financial interests and take care of Telekom's employees and the future, "said Vucic.

He says his stupid comment is that Cable Operator Copernicus is worth more than PKB.

– And how to get Sholakov … and what they bought as KKR, so they would buy B92 first, so that all TVs and cable operators would be in control of them. How does it cost two and a half billion? I did not say to Copernicus that it costs 200 million, while Copernicus's value reached 200 million, "said Vucic. – It does not matter if someone else has 200 million dollars, and two and a half and a half billion, that's fine. What they all have in Serbia is simply wise. The state of stupidity should lose everything that would and would not be, even if it is not mixed, the stock companies are the same, only a shawl and one should be rich. This is a beautiful election, but the state will not be destroyed to make it even more abundant and the country is poorer.

The Prime Minister commented on the new contribution of Telekom, stating that the government did not affect the decisions of the state telecommunications company. Telekom is a company that, in the opinion of the company, has its own management and should ask to explain its decision.

– Telecom has to be cost-effective, extremely competitive and must fight, said Brnabic. – They have to act responsibly, and I think that they are now acting like everyone else.

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