Saturday , June 10 2023

(VIDEO) IVAN AND KARADJORDJEV VERILI, Aleksandra on the edge of the collapse of the nerves: DO YOU DO NOT CONTINUE WHETHER?


Karadjordje asked Ivan and she agreed, and with the exception of his daughter Alexander, all the co-operatives supported them and congratulated them:

– We have come here to formalize and believe in our love. I want to trust and crochet our love – said Karađorje and put Ivan the ring in his hand.

I accepted the behavior and congratulated my mother and the future hole, but Alexander Subotich was in front of the collapse of nerves:

– I do not know why you laugh so ironically. I do not let anything go. I found my friend and lived with them in the days to build something. I'm not like this fragmentation, who knew that it would happen. You might have come out, why do you come to court, have you come to me to get a job? You believe in two months – shouted Alexander.

– I have never interfered in your love – Karadjordje answered his daughter.

– And you, I'm not trained in our lives, do not comment. I am his daughter. Damn one did not agree! – she called.

– If you do not like it, get out – said Ivana.

At one point, Alexandra began to cry and scream, and she wrote several melodies and insults at the expense of production, and she assured that everything was a farce. See what it looks like.

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