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Vesic: Amendments to the Law on Legalization and Suspension of Illegal Construction


Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Mayor Goran Vesic said today that the amendments to the Law on the law that came into force today give the city tools to finally stand by the illegal construction. He told the Belgrade Chronicle that it is no longer possible to legalize the facility after 2015, since all the legal entities should have access to satellite images that are accessible to all citizens. On the other hand, traffic in illegal buildings can no longer be transformed if there are no regular building permits or they are not legalized, which will motivate citizens to allocate their premises and legal entities.

– The important news is that the premises built in public places after the decision of the second instance on regulation can collapse and the administrative court will no longer be expected. In this way, problems will be solved faster when someone is built on a green surface in the place where the road, metro or main water pipes are located. A unique register of illegal objects will be created, and each citizen will be able to check at what stage of legalization it is a special object. Mr Vesic said citizens would be protected from possible fraud.

The city of Belgrade will contribute more quickly to the process of legalization, and it is expected that the Belgrade city statute will be amended, with the process of legalization of up to 300 square meters going to local government and suburban municipalities up to 800 square meters.

– Citizens will be able to get their places where they live, and we will even invite local governments to legalize their local communities. The goal is to bring this process closer to the citizen, "said Vesics.

He recalled that illegitimate builders did not pay any contributions to construction land and thus were caught in the state. At the same time, they also offended the citizens, because no one controls projects and their security.

He pointed out that one of the newspapers is that the owner of the land plot is responsible not only for the investor but for the illegal construction.

– Belgrade can not become a decorated city until the problem of illegal construction, which has been in existence for decades, has been resolved. He said that this is the first time that the government has the strength to put it on the road, adding that before that, citizens could simply build objects inviting them to do so.

The deputy of peace also invited everyone who wants to build, do it in accordance with the laws, building permit and paying all liabilities to the state.

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