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Tutosport: Pavovs for Milan Goal Football

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14 November 2018 09:30 |

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Red Star striker Milano Pavkov scored a double shot at Liverpool in the Champions League (2: 0), drew Milan's attention, reports the Italian newspaper "Tutosport"

The Red Star striker Milan Pavkov, Liverpool's 2-1 win over the Champions League, focused on Milan's attention, says the Italian newspaper "Tutosport".

Seventh European Champion at Stavanger "Rajko Mītika" attracted Pavlovich's step with two great goals for Liverpool but he was not lonely to transfer a high-profile football player.

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The Pavkovic contract with reds and whites is up to 2019, with the possibility of automatically activating the season longer, so a Serbian champion can seek high compensation.

Before the stars, the 24-year-old center played Radnicki, Vojvodina, ČSK from Celarevo and Novi Sad.

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