Sunday , February 5 2023

Today a windy wind will blow, in the south of Banat it will reach UP to 140 KM per hour!


DRAMATIC WARNING OF METEOROLOGISTS: Today a stormy wind will blow, in the south of Banat it will reach UP to 140 KM per hour!

Illustration, Photo: Beta / Dragan Gojić

BELGRADE – In the first ten days of December, strong and stormy winds will blow in the vicinity of Košava, and there will be hurricane gusts in the south of Banat, warned the Republican Hydrometeorological Institute (RHMZ).

The strongest wind gusts are expected today and tomorrow morning, from 100 to 140 kilometers per hour in the south of Banat and from 70 to 80 in Belgrade.

Illustrationphoto: Beta / Emīls Vašs

Today in Serbia it will be moderately cloudy, warm and windy, in the morning there will be fog in some valleys in the southwest. There will be cloudy weather in the Timok area, possibly light rain. In the evening and at night, stronger clouds of rain come from the southwest.

The lowest temperature will be from two to nine degrees, the highest from eight to 15 degrees.

Belgrade will have moderately cloudy, warm and windy weather today. A moderate to strong south and southeast winds, with gusts of wind blowing. Clouds arrive at night. The lowest temperature will be around eight degrees, the highest around 14.

Meteorological conditions will be unfavorable for most chronic patients and sensitive people. Possible meteoropathic reactions include headache, muscle aches and irritability.



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