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These tricks will reduce the amount of data collected by Google


If you want to live in the digital world, you can almost walk on Google. This browser collects a lot of information about you and your habits on the Internet, but there are several tricks that you can limit where you find information and what information you can collect or what you can hide from it.

Google Maps

For example, every time you use Google Maps to find a location or a route to your destination on Google, you keep information about where you are, to use it later to improve your services and show relevant ads.

There are three options available to help you determine how much information you collect on Google. You will do this by going to "Location History". If you disable this option, you will lose the opportunity to review the location and routes you have traveled. By the way, you will not even notice that it is inactive.

Location – This is a hyperlink with GPS capabilities on your smartphone. If you turn off Google Maps, it will not have access to your current location information. You can even deny access to this application just because you don't have a spy on the background.

Web and Application Activity – If you disable this option, you will disable Google to keep all your activities on any Google product or service. It also allows you to share information about your location in Google Apps.

All three options will be available on Google Maps if you open the navigation option and click Settings and Personal Content, then App History and Location Settings.

On the same page you will find the hyperlinks needed to delete the existing location information. Search for Delete all location history and delete location history range.

If you use your smartphone with your operating system, Google does not need the Maps app to track you.

He is constantly following you

Although you have or are not connected to a location option, your Android keeps track of you and keeps track of where you are going. The only way to disable it is to turn off the "Web and app activity and location history" options.

If you want to turn off but haven't installed Google Maps, what to do. Go to the My Activities page and view the activity controls in the options on the left.

On smartphones with Android, Google also keeps a lot of personal information, such as contacts, calendar appointments, and how you use apps. It knows when you've turned on a specific application, how often you use it, and so much more than enough to create a behavioral map.

Do you want to disable it? Open the activity control page and find Device Information. If you want to delete a specific record, you will need to return to my action.

Google also tracks and evaluates you by entering a question in your browser. You can also change it on the My Activities page, where, for example, you can remove search history or stop tracking.

Look for history in the tube

Google also knows what you've searched for and viewed on YouTube. You can find tools at the bottom of the activity control pages that you can reduce and change. To delete, open the Delete Activity tab. You can also open settings in the YouTube app, and then click History and Privacy.

Search for Chrome

Google Chrome also monitors and monitors everything. To turn off search history and track activity, go to the Activity Control page and turn off Include Chrome History in Web and App Activity.

In addition, uncheck Help improve Safe Browsing and Automatically Send Usage Statistics in Chrome options. You will need to remove individual entries from my activity page. Chrome can be replaced by another search engine.

Google Assistant

All your questions and conversations with the Google Assistant digital assistant are also monitored and permanently stored. You can turn it off, but keep in mind that it disables some of the features of this assistant, such as multiple home Google home profiles.

You will find the options in the Activity Management tab under Voice and Audio Activity. Want to remove some specific? Again, you'll need to go to the My Activities section.

Photos and videos in Google Photos

Photos from Google Photos are used to identify objects and faces. Unfortunately, it can only be removed if you stop using this platform.


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