Saturday , June 10 2023

The squeaky prism of the ponashnu Pristina


It should be noted that the priluche and ponashnoy prewar institutes of self-government in Pristina, which are at the same time necessary for continuation and continuation of the agreements, regional and insti tutional and international contentions, documents and documents, which are co-requisites of institutionalization, namely, the communiqué and the constitution, Саопштила јє Влада Србије.

Pisma Vlada gelled and screney pazhóuu and the same kind of landslide on threatening the regional peace and stability of the country Pristina, and on the deliberately and directly urushavaly atmosphere of dialogue in the training of the cada Србија улаже максималан pressure for његово інтензивирање саЦІљем дугрочног of peace, stability and просперитета за светиванеке the food of Europe.

The premiere of the Barnaby was unclear, and the comradeship of the Communist Party was a partnership with the broader world of what the whims of the complexity of the situation could be, as it was in the course of the water of the Diyala, which would have been on the niche of the Nichin, which gave the Poon a subterranean strike of the presbyter of Alexander Vucich, and disapproved of what was happening for our people in Kosovo and Метохији, закључује се у saопштењу.

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