Wednesday , February 24 2021

The "daughter" manager, Resavsk, has been arrested for 30 days by Telegraph because of an accident

A "daughter" driver has been charged with a criminal offense "hard work against the safety of public transport

Resavska, an accident, the tram jumped out of the railway

The Supreme Court in Belgrade has ordered the detention of a "daughter" DM leader for up to 30 days. suspected of a traffic accident in the corner of Resavska and Krunska ulica, where Slavis Tesic was killed (42).

The representative of the Court, Bojana Stankovich, told Tanjug that the pre-trial judge had been appointed by D.M. detention for up to 30 days taking into account circumstances which indicate that they interfere with the investigation by affecting the proposed witnesses, as well as the type and effects of the crime, which caused the disruption of society, which could jeopardize the smooth and fair conduct of the criminal proceedings.

Stankovich added that the suspect and his lawyer can file an appeal to the Emergency Commission for Criminal Cases within three days of receiving the decision.

The head of "Daughter" is charged with "serious work against the safety of public transport" for a criminal offense.

( Novosti)

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