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Streak starts on the theater day? | Culture

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November 14, 2018 06:41. |

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The SINGLUS association announced a new protest

SINGLE National Theater Syndicate on Tuesday decided to raise the warning on November 9 to a "higher level". Singing, which draws together dramaturists, is seeking an integral part of the resignation of Dejan Savic, as well as the National Theater Council's Board of Directors.

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– We will officially announce the decision to strike on Friday, November 16, and submit it to the Ministry of Culture and the Serbian government.

To end the work, we will wait for a lawful term of five days to strike the theater day, November 22nd, and the 150th anniversary of the national theater, "said Pavel Jerinich, a member of the SINGLUS Presidency, in the hope that the strike will be symbolic because it starts with this great Serbian people's and culture day. Our move is based on the view that the home administration contributes to the collapse of its reputation as the institution of supreme national importance.

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