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SRIMSKA MITROVIK, an unlimited school clerk: he overcame leukemia at the same time that ended with POTRESA MOZGA! | news


My daughter, Sarah, came to the hospital with brain drain and infusion, as she sometimes attacked her with a fist-headed boy from a classroom school.

When she returned home, she wanted to eat and sleep, as her head was injured. She took one piece of bread and a lying carat and lost consciousness! I started shouting, "Sarah, Sarah …" She did not answer. For a few minutes she was unconscious, I just recovered her. We spent hours in the hospital, at an infusion, after which she was released at home for a tight rest. This has not happened because she had leukemia and was very difficult to cure, his blood flowing through the veins on her head. We have just saved a child, I will not allow anyone to hurt.

photo: private archive

In this way, Bjana Jovanovich (34), a 10-year-old sister Sara's mother, attending the third degree in Sremsk Mitrovica Primary School "Sveti Sava", told Courier about the events on Thursday after the fourth hour. She claims that the boy has been hit by a boy who was unlucky since the beginning of the school year.

He caught it, cheered it, rubbed it with rubbish, but there was no physical violence. On Thursday they responded to the Serbian language, and she had four, and he tripled. He was obviously angry that she was better than him, and when they left physically, waiting for a queue, he ordered her to move, and she did not want it. Then he began to hit his fist head. Sarah all told the teacher Kovinki Radekicam, but she did not answer! She still claimed that Sarah did not say anything, and I know that my child never spoiled her, so she was raised – her mother, Boyana, who has two more girls, is waiting for her fourth child.

photo: private archive

She adds that in the evening they were up to nine in the hospital, and the next day the girl would not go to school.

– I do not want to hide this, everyone needs to know. I do not blame the child or his parents for what I was calling a teacher, which means he does not know anything, mother says.

The case was reported to the police,
The Ministry of Education informed

The injured girl's mother went to the police station in Sremska Mitrovica and reported peer violence. The Ministry of Education tells Kurir that the school administration informed them about the events.
– The event was announced to the school this morning, after which the ministry was informed. We collect data, talk with pupils and teachers, then we will have more data, the Ministry of Education told us about it. School principal Dragan Sretenowicz said that her mother had made an oral application.

– Immediately thereafter, in accordance with the law and the Protocol on the Protection of Children and Students against Violence, Abuse and Neglect, we have turned to all the essential facts. We ask the pupil about the state of health and we would like to emphasize that the school has acted and that in the future it will take all the measures provided by the law, – said Sretenovich Kurir. / Silvija Slamnig


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