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Space and research: NASA will pay only one dollar for samples from the moon – BBC News in Serbian


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The American Space Agency (NASA) will pay the company only one dollar (96 dinars) for collecting rocks from the moon, whose offer was accepted as the best.

It’s Thursday Moon post (Lunar Outpost) received a contract for the collection of samples for the US Space Agency.

It is one of four contracts NASA has signed under the program to raise resources from the moon.

The other winning bidders were Mast fireplace systems (Masten Space Systems), located in California and Ajspey is headquartered in Tokyo, with a European subsidiary.

NASA will pay companies for individual lunar soil samples weighing 50 to 500 grams.

“Companies will collect samples, and then they will provide us with visual evidence and other data about what they collected,” said a NASA spokesman.

“The mission is scheduled for 2023, but we are working with a number of different landing companies, which could result in an earlier launch date,” Justin Cyrus, chief executive of Lunar Outpost, told the BBC.

Moon postin, a Colorado state robotics firm, will pay a dollar to collect rock samples from the Moon’s South Pole.

Money for such companies is not a motivation.

The mission is expected to have many scientific benefits, such as allowing companies to practice sourcing resources from the lunar surface.

What is sailing with the Sun and how it helps us explore space:

What is sailing with the Sun because it helps us explore space
British Broadcasting Corporation

Circus called it a “fundamental change in our thinking about space exploration.”

The company is in talks with the company Blu Ori (Blue Origin) and several other companies working to provide flights to the Moon.

Blue Origin is a space exploration company founded by Amazon owner Jeff Bezos, one of the richest people in the world.

Among the winning companies are the Japanese Ajspejs (iSpace), which will cost $ 5,000 to collect stones from the northeast side of the moon.

It’s not all about the money

“NASA has set an important precedent in determining the value of a one-dollar contract,” said space research expert Shined O’Salivan.

“The novelty is that it is not a commercial event, but it is about creating business opportunities, enforcing regulations and creating a market,” he added.

The grant will be paid to companies in three stages. Initially, it will get 10 percent, then another 10 percent when the company launches a spacecraft that will collect the samples, and 80 percent when NASA checks that the samples have been collected.

“And yes, that dollar will be paid in three small but dynamic parts – two for 10 cents and one for 80 cents,” jokes Cyrus.

The announcement of the space agency comes at a time when China is carrying out its mission to collect Earth satellite samples.

The Chinese lunar spacecraft Chang’e-5 is currently returning to Earth with samples from the moon.

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