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Serbian football player got a third child with an attractive husband and the words they chose for the child are PRELEPO AND SIGNIFICANT


Alexander Matic and Nemanja MaticPhoto: Instagram / Instagram

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Soccerman Nemanja Matic and his wife Alexander are considered to be one of the most colorful pairs in the local view. Their family is now expanded to another member because they have a third child and the word they have decided to give to their daughter is a strong symbolism.

Photo: Instagram

Alexander grew up with Nemanj at the age of 17, before being a world famous, famous and successful footballer, asking him for a year's connection, and then his son Philip and his daughter Teu.

Now they got the third child, the girl Anika – Anika is believed to have been derived from the word "Anikita", which is derived from the Greek word "aniket", which means that it is indestructible, irresistible and unsurpassed.

Many did not even know that Alexander was in second place for the third time because she had a large wardrobe on all the photos she put on social networks and held her hand or bag on her stomach. See more photos from Matić's attractive wife gallery.

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