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Samsung Eliminates Galaxy J Series, Galaxy J Retires, Galaxy J Becomes Galaxy A, Samsung Galaxy J Info

Already April 10 Samsung will be displayed New Galaxy A Series Models three different points on the planet – Europe, America and Asia – including the model Galaxy A80 and possibly Galaxy A90, which these days are very rumored. But until we see new models and remember Galaxy A30, Galaxy A50 i Galaxy A70that will soon be sold to us, we confirm what MobIT has already written – The Galaxy J series is canceled!

The company confirmed it with a new video to explain that the Galaxy J series is leaving its place and that its new Galaxy A series will take its place.

Source: Samsung Mobile

The market situation has changed since Samsung was competitive with the Galaxy J series and even though these phones were very popular because they offered Samsung a name and a bit of money, Galaxy J started to "lose its breath" Launch with other cheaper phones of similar quality .

On the other hand, the Galaxy A was a step into the high end class, even in the last half of the year, and a series that offered many opportunities for the premium segment, but the lower class. The price of the Galaxy A phone has fallen, and now we have models of all price categories that are more competitive on the market and the series has retained the highest class.

What will be the Galaxy A series are:

– Super AMOLED and high quality screens
– Screen capture only for camera without classic "notch"
– Large screens for this price class (Infinity 18: 9, 19: 9 and others)
– fingerprint scanner on the phone screen
– Multiple cameras, including quadrilateral and triple
– Wide-angle cameras as standard and bokeh effect on all cameras
– More powerful batteries with longer autonomy
– Faster charging in most models
– Better quality materials and many (modern) colors.

All these changes will not affect the existing Galaxy J phone owners, who will continue to be fully supported by the company under the terms of the warranty at the time the user purchased any Galaxy J model. Android updates are also available and new ones are also available for these current models.

Samsung does not remove the existing models of the Galaxy J series, their sales are continuing, but the gradual production will be reduced, while the delivery volumes will not be sold. Also, technical and any other support for all purchased Galaxy J phones is still normal.


It remains to be seen what the new Samsung has done on April 10, when we, as we said, can get acquainted with the Galaxy A90 model, which has a completely new shape for the Samsung portfolio – say, a slider with a rotating camera. And it would be interesting for Samsung to announce how much galaxy J has been released so far, how much has been sold, and which model was the most popular.

In any case, the development of the Galaxy series continues in all segments, and the combination of the Galaxy J series in the new Galaxy A series is just one of the steps Samsung is taking to retain the largest number of users in all markets.

What do you think about whether you miss the Galaxy J series?

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