Saturday , February 27 2021

Russia set the record for oil production


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According to OPEK's November report, Russia has set a record for oil production.

"Russia set the record for new oil products in October, increasing production by 50 thousand barrels per day compared to last month, to an average of 11.6 million barrels per day according to previous estimates."

OPEC increased fuel production forecasts in Russia in 2018 to 11.24 million barrels per day from 11.19 million, and will increase to 11.24 million barrels next year.

According to data from the Central Transit Authority of the Energy Complex, the average oil production in Russia in October increased by 4.4% per annum.

In addition, OPEK reduced world oil demand forecast growth in 2019 to 70 thousand barrels per day – to 1.29 million barrels.

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