Tuesday , September 28 2021

RTS :: Johnny Stulich denies the Sherbe

"This Sherbbing story is black and white." Johnny never invited him to walk through Zagreb, nor sang, or they had never been friends, on the contrary, he again went to his own Mercedes with his wishes, so that with his wonderful, he quietly used this invitation to get rid of this poem and, of course, put it in your play without question to hide it, then shot it, and now with these dishonorable moons, the cause of the evil of its existence is justified. "

Explanation of Mr. Stulba

"My song" I'm not a beloved of you "at the beginning of September in Zagreb, Zagreb, Youth TV – this demonstration was approved by Tyube. In this case, I spent only a week in Zagreb, and this is my only visit to Jugi this year.

Then I did not reply to Sherbeda. In the following year, in the year 90, I spent ten months in the south playing, and then I met her twice.

When Pass (pass) takes me to the place where he finds himself (perhaps with an appointment) he found while listening to the film, but I quickly went out and went.

The second time he was at dinner, he expressed his desire to travel with me in his car (and he killed me to have the cover for the last story because he thought everything before rescuing a complete crime), and this is the only truth about which he talking

"Balegari", where this song is located, came out at the end of June, 90. (In my opinion, it has been used since then, since his performance was officially held from 15/05/90 to 26/04/91, however, if he used the song before then I do not know how the recording was accepted, as long as he did not use this video from the TV), in any case, I did not know about this exhibition five or six years ago when he discovered this story.

I have never been his friend and I have never called him in his life (he is, of course, the best description in his book), so knowing very well that he will never get permission to use it. He introduces, otherwise, simply to invent the entire story. In addition to clearing even more, then he will shoot him, and now, in addition to many years of performance (and also my other songs), he also travels under the name and alienates and despises the songs (for which he is performing the career of the singer).

Here is the 28th anniversary of this intrigue and how it is knitting (more and more).

So it's a Croatian celebration, and here is the Bosnian Georgian, which is being served to Serbs to fly to Brioni. "

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