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Vladimir Tomovich will soon return to the rial from which he was thrown out when he was beaten by Alexander Subotti and discovers whether he has his wife, his relationship with former girlfriend Stania Dobrojevich and how he will fight with his neighbors with whom he there were major conflicts during his first stay.

According to him, leaving him in the riality, it is not an effort and he is not afraid to re-enter the manor.

– Riyadh was my vacation Vrnjacka Banja. If you are in a rial that you are outside when you do not see and act, it is not difficult or difficult, but quite simple. It is difficult for martyrs with a Hollywood story and they are a miserable rat. For me, this rial does not change anything except that I have become recognizable – says Vladimir, who does not intend to change his nature after his return.

– This is where the mouse is not afraid of the bear. Moral sludge can send insults and curse on my account, and should I be calm and cold? That is not the case. I can't afford the millions of auditors to allow the fukar to hurt me, and I can keep it quiet and ignore. For a day, a month, or a hundred years, Vladimir can return to his opponent because he was and is not different – said Crnogorac, and points out that, due to the shock he turned to Subotica, he had no problem out.

Vladimir is still struggling to return to the rally because he will be separated from his father, who was seriously ill.

– I have the best father in the world, which is my pride. Thank God, it's better now and the worst is behind him. The fight has yet to come, but he is strong and will come out as a winner – Tomovic is sure.

– Montenegrin, Serbian, Japanese, Moroccan … all support my opinion and common sense. If you refer to my disqualification, I have not yet met a person who convicted me and said he would not act like me. I respond with an insult to an insult, I answer a curse with a curse and a blow, an impact.

Like beans! There are records, it is clear that I am the first hit. I also advise a lawyer that there is no court in the world where he can be punished because I will be drunk with a blow – says Tomovic, who is still the most unpleasant opinion about Alexander and David.

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– There is no need to talk about Alexander Subothe, she said all about herself and showed herself. She is ready to ride the plate she eats, is a bad person and chooses unfair means to achieve her goal. Although it is all about this, compared to its former friend, it is a moral bubble. If the pudding came out of her rialita, Alexander wouldn't even consider her. This is the main difference between them. They came to rivals, such as mosquitoes, women in the human body, but the fact that the pickup from Novi Sad beat all the belts that appeared in rialit – the government explains and reveals whether he renewed the link with Stania Dobrojevic.

Stanley and my relationship are like dog-cat relationships. More specifically, cats and a shame dog. Our emotions are never questioned and love cannot simply be hidden. I like it, but I don't talk much about this topic, and I would give the materials to the bad languages. Everything goes as it happens, he says.

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