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Republic / These are the most common causes of fraud


As some people are willing to openly talk about their experience in managing "double lives," most of what people know about fraud is a bias.

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We offer the most common misconceptions about marriage.

A couple can not be happy with revealing their marriage

It is true that it is difficult to regain trust in one of the partners' marriage violations. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to restore the relationship. In many cases, those who choose to continue working can create a more powerful connection. Truth is sometimes a powerful weapon that helps you to recover.

This is not a scam if it is not related to sex

Many marriage violations occur without sex. Is the secret correspondence with a person you met recently to be considered incredible? It's possible that the person who does it does not see the actual situation, but she certainly perceives her as a scam.

And we can emotionally divide the partner by giving them some time, thoughts and feelings for another person.

Men are always looking for "side"

In fact, the truth is related to people who have never been asked. This applies in particular to cases where the partner has misled only one person. Afera often begins as a pleasant fellowship with someone, then intimacy develops, which can become a kind of emotional connection. If a person misleads, it does not mean that he has planned it before.

Unbelief is associated with sexual attraction

Of course, some violations apply only to sex, but in many cases it refers to emotional relationships. Sometimes communication and gentleness are just what happens between the offenders.

Marriage violations come from marital problems

The truth is that all marriages have problems. Counterfeiting does not take place because there is something wrong with the marriage; they are due to the fact that couples do not know how to adjust and correct the problems they have.

Connection problems can not justify fraud.

One offender, always married

If someone ever gets involved in a marriage, it does not mean that they will do it again. Most of the scandals happen once and never more. What happens after her, he can send a marriage to a state of stability and trust or completely destroy it.

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