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The Serbian footballer Nemanja Matic caused a big storm on the island when he refused to wear the symbol of the First World War disaster – a poppy flower that is customary every November. However, Matic is not the only one.

EPA / Nigel Roddis

Nemanja Matic

Stoke player James McLeans also did not call the poppy flower and thus created home fan comments. If it's not clear why the blend was not in the United States, James McClain was crystalline, but that did not make a good reaction.

On the contrary, Middlesbrough player Stouck's one-stop section quickly whistled, cursed and called on him, so he later responded to Instagram post strictly.

"They do not have anything from the whole arsenal of their emperor who can stop the will of the Irish man who does not want to be shaken," McLean cites the words of an Irish activist and nationalist Bobby Sands.

Following such statement, McClellan, who acknowledged admitting that the Fenian or the supporters of the Irish Revolutionary Association, which emerged in America in 1861, sent even more difficult words.

– You insult, throw things, whistles, do the worst. And the domestic fans who actually educated me and support me, thank you very much. This unidentified people's cave crowd in the left corner, who each sang the songs of the counter-iard and instructed me Fenian, this and that … Just to tell them, I'm proud of Fianian and none of them *** and that will not change, so I can just sing, "wrote McKill.

At the end of the game, stadium flight attendants had to be banned from fans who called it.

Finally, the historical intolerance between Iraq and Britain is known. Many in Ireland even today, despite the fact that many of their compatriots were killed during the First World War, believe that the "Red Devil" is a British symbol and wants to highlight the difference between the two sides.

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