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Natural anti-throat medicine: You have at home and a lot of help! | Beautiful and healthy

Maybe the pain in the pain the most energetic symptom which often happens with cold or flu. That's why you can not eat, sleep, talk or …

Fortunately for some home remedies can help you solve this problem.


Not only honey can sweeten you, but talk about it for a long time as o home remedy thanks to antibacterial properties that reduce inflammation.

In addition, the honey remains in the thin layer "glued" to the neck, which reduces inflammation by eating food.

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Salt water

Maybe not "the most fascinating" the idea, but the brushing of the salt water in the neck can ease the body's tissues and it kills bacteria.

Mixed up Half a teaspoon of salt with a glass of water and bark for at least one minute or two, taking care not to catch water.

Scientists say: When you feel the cold, do it and win it!

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Tea from chamomile

This tea can not only help you to calm down i fall asleep, it has already been proven and has anti-fouling properties. Antioxidants and other components of this tea are soothing effect if you start to drink it when you feel the first pain symptoms in your neck.

In addition, this tea It does not contain much caffeine, which means you can drink it in the evening without problems.

When it comes to neck pain, it is definitely advisable that you are yourself a cup of chamomile tea Add a little honey.

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Lemon and hot water

Some people drink warm lemonade, or a mixture of hot water and lemon juice in the hope of losing weight or cleansing the skin. Elem, this beverage can really help you to resolve colds and flu symptoms.

Thanks to the anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects of lemon as well good for the immune system, these citrus fruits in the neck create an acidic environment, making it difficult to maintain viruses and bacteria.

Lemon is also rich Vitamin C and studies have shown that it is prophylactic against viruses and colds.

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