Monday , February 6 2023

My name is the Baptist … Rebecca discovered that this was not her real name, she was here until she was 17! | Telegraph


Rebecca's name is incorrect, Princeton: Youtube / Cooperative Official

A journalist and host in Milan Milosevic arrived in Zadar to ask participants questions and discover some secrets they tried to conceal from their roommates and viewers, so he discovered that one participant was called Spomenko, but at the age of 16 she changed her name.

Namely, Milan asked Rebecca Popovic, is it true that her real name is Spomenka, not Rebekah, after which everyone left without a text.

Rebecca Popovic, Princess: TV Pink

– My dad got very late, I am his first child. His sister has no children. Among other things, he said he had a son, he was convinced that I was a boy. However, my mom does not like it, especially since I had two months in the hospital. Before I went to school, she got hysteria. When I went to school, they changed their documents. In my baptism, my name is Spomenka, and then my mother officially decided to call Rebecca at the age of 16 years. My mom wanted that, but my father wanted a national name. Mother read a book from a writer about Rebecca, who was a baler, explained Rebekah with her name, and added that she was never a complex.

Sorry, Rebecca, I did not know that you're like a little Virginia – added Miki.

Bora Santana was one of the first to laugh, and then to other colleagues.

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