Tuesday , February 7 2023

Marko Miljkovic left the Coalition strictly confidential!


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Marko Miljkovic

"Cooperative" player Marko Miljkovic a few days ago turned out to be completely invisible.

Miljkovich was accompanied by people at the Belgrade Third Municipal Court, where he had heard where he was present as a defendant for interference with the duties of an official.

youtube.com/Paparazzo Lov // DNK

Miljkovic comes to court

Moscow was shocked: Miki, you have old fingers!

He stayed in court for about half an hour, and then he was visibly mistying and welcomed the crowds. Together with the escort he sat in the car and they went to Simonovci.

The details of the process are still unknown to the public, and Miljkovic himself is very mysterious on this issue and does not want to talk about it at home.

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