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LS: Tadic shot Ajax, Pogba relocates Juventus, convincingly won Sitia and Real | Football


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Serbia's national player draws attention to the "Dutch" team, the Zezus triple-shooter, Murina's team won Juve

The Bayern Munich footballers won the 2-0 E-League Championship this evening in the AEK Athens Championship.

Both goals scored Robert Levandovski for the winning team, 31 minutes after penalty and 71 minutes.

Benfica and Ajax players played a 1: 1 draw in the second game of Group E.

On February 29, Benfica scored goals for Jones, while in the 61st minute, Serbian footballer Dusan Tadic.

Bayern after this year's third win of the Champions League is the first in Group E table with ten points, Ajax is the second with eight, while Benfica is the third with four points. AEK is the last place without points.

The fifth place was won by Bayern and Benfica, respectively, AEK and Ajax.

Real Madrid footballers won the Victorian team tonight, making sure 5-0 in the Champions League G group.

The real question of the winner in this game was solved after the first 45 minutes, because he won the 4-0 advantage.

Goleä started with Karim Benzema in 21 minutes, after two minutes Kazemiro shot a shot, Benzema again shaken the home team in 37 minutes, while in the first half Garret Baile was founded in the 40th minute.

An amazing "royal club" victory was confirmed by Toni Krosu on the 67th minute.

Roman footballers celebrated the CSKA in Moscow 2: 1 today.

Real and the Roma now have nine points, the CSKA has accumulated four, but Viktoria has only a point in the last place.

In the next round, Roma and Real meet with the CSKA and Viktoria respectively.

Manchester City footballers beat Shakhtar squad tonight with a solid 6-0, F-League Champions League fourth round.

Gabriel Zezus scored three goals for Siti in the 24th and 72th minutes, and in the 92th minute David Silva added 13, Rahim Sterling 49 and Riyad Marez 84 minutes.

In addition to the convincing victory of Sitie, the highest point in this match will be the penalty for Hungarian judge Viktor Kasai in the middle of the first half. Sterling took a penalty from the Ukrainian team, stumbled and fell, and

The arbitrator appeared without much thought at the white point.

Lion players played 2-2 in their home with Hoffenheim, although they had a 2: 0 advantage and a player more than 51 minutes after the first 45 months.

Lion was led by Nabil Fekir 20 and Thangy Nodbele at 28th minute while Andrejam Kramaričam was 65th and Pavel Kaderabek on the 92th minute.

Sit is the first F-group table with nine points, Lyon has six, three Hoffenheim and one point to Shakhtar.

In the next round, they meet Hoffenheim and Shakhtar, the city of Lyon and Manchester.

Manchester United players win the Juventus team in the second round of Group H of the 2-1 group.

Juventus was led by Cristiano Ronaldo in the 65th minute. Leonardo Bonući hit the ball in the penalty area, Ronaldo escaped from the United defense, shot from the first
big hit for team management.

When it seemed that the games would end with a home team victory, there was a shock to Juventus and the United Round. First, Juan Mata scored a free kick at 86 minutes 1: 1, and after a break he got into his net
Bonus in 90 minutes.

Earlier today, Valencia players were better than the Young Boys 3: 1.

Juventus is the first group on the "H" table with nine points, the United State has two points less, Valencia is the third with five, while Yang Boys is the last with only one

In the next round, Juventus and Valencia will meet with Manchester United and Young Boys.

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