Monday , February 6 2023

Lower fuel prices for Serbian pumps


The world oil world has fallen in the last five days, so it's time to stop a bit, if it is not reduced, and the price of fuel for Serbian pumps. Gasoline has already been slightly cured and will now be diesel. However, you do not think that you will stay in your wallet.

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Photo: Mondo / Goran Sivachki

"Oil barrels dropped from $ 77 to $ 72 over the past five days, with a downward trend and began to think about fuel retail prices. Gasoline last half a week dinar and the end of the week is expected to fall in price. After a long time, diesel prices are rising, says Politics, the words of the secretary general of the Serbian Petroleum Company Tomislav Mikovich.

Mićović is not expected to have oil by the end of the year to fall below $ 70, but not more than $ 75.

"Six months ago, when the United States announced sanctions for Iran for the first time, the oil price angle was detected, and if there were no serious disturbances and OPEC had compensated for the missing quantities, no surprises would be expected," Mitchović said.

UNICS points to the important fact that the price of oil on the world market is not directly related to the (Serbian) fuel market. They recall that when the world oil price rose in mid-August, Serbian pumps only felt it a month later.

The retail price of fuel, in addition to oil stock market prices, is also affected by the dollar, the excise tax rate, as well as many elements that increase or decrease the costs of fuel producers and traders.

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