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Savic: he is a phlegm, but also a miracle, "Maracan" is an invincible fortress. Borjans: We can move forward, this team moves all borders

They are not only the stars of the world of stars. In the mix zone after the game, Pavlov seemed to lead the list of Premier League shooters, and that Salaham, Firmino and Mane have strange levels of development for super-leagues. Liverpool players were asked to simply extend the bus, so all the flashlights were aimed at the hero's game. More precisely, heroes.

– In Pavlova's first goal, I think the shooter was Savic. I said thank you to God and Wujiang. But it was Pagov's tongue – he rescued his network Borjan and had something on the opposite side. – We believed ourselves, though many did not believe us. This team moves all boundaries with the best world fans who know what can happen before the end of the competition. We can go further.

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ME: LEAVE, DO NOT ME SADIO I apologized to the Serbian media in Liverpool, and now he wanted to make a statement. However, the order was to go immediately to the bus, which made Senegal almost unpleasant.
– Sorry, we can not … But he signed the autographs and went to the photo.

The unsuccessful goalkeeper Savić anyway who got.

– Gobeljič and I still sang in the field: Hey Pavkov, jump and head with his head. Every honor he has is phlegm, he is not interested in who is an opponent, he always gives a hundred percent. I, that's a miracle!

It's a miracle, this victory …

– Perhaps the biggest in the last 25 years. Here I receive congratulations from my father Mirko … "Maracana" is an invincible fortress, and I think that afterwards we sent our contenders a message that they did not underestimate us. They will have a little more respect for the fact that we are when they make statements. Naples will have supporters for us, we will fight to the end to go. It will be the will of God, – says the red and white captain.

El Fardu Ben points out that the appetite has grown.

– It was an incredible night where we saw that we can play with the big teams. We were much more relaxed before our fans, we knew that we had nothing to lose and that everything would be different at home. As soon as we went out into the field, the fans had already "attacked" the stadium. It was crazy! We must use this moment and make sure that we can play at this level.

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The fans were not the only factor in the incredible transformation of stars, Marko Marina noticed:

– We played football, we were defenseless and did not expect the goal … The team also had one friendly striker.

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– Pavovov's car, won a lot of duel against Van Dyck and gave two great hits – closed Zvezdina shooter from Paris.

MILO Degenek laughed ironically, wondering if Salah poured him out of his pocket.
– After Paris and Liverpool, we were told that we are not at this level, now you say that Salah is in my pocket. You all said that the Champions League Zvezdu was too big … And now that we have won 2: 0, it starts again telling us that we are too good. The only question is that we all played well this time, but we have to do much more so that we can play every game at this level.

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