Monday , February 6 2023

Layjić: I hope we will not vote for the government for a long time


He commented on the fees due to long government involvement and said that he knows that this is the main complaint in his account.


"And that's the price: if you're in this business – whether you're in the squad and decide something, or you'll look at the game from the stands. Believe me, I know that I can not convince anyone, but I would like to be alone 10 times at the stands , not to spend it all, "said Ljajics.

However, he added that he was happy to criticize whether he was doing something good or bad for his country, but whether he was a long time, according to the Tanjug interview sections.

"If this is my only complaint, then I'm on a horse. I would not say that this note was not true, but I tried to avoid a portion of the government on several occasions," said Ljajic.

He says that in 2012 he does not want to get into the government, but even when Aleksandr Vuchik became prime minister.

"I went to Vucic and said that I would not be involved in his government, but to offer one of my party. He said that serious work had to be done and, given all that we expected, strong words in the government, and to what extent it is true , I know that people will hardly believe it, "said Ljajics.

"And I'm tired of being part of the government? I'm absolutely overwhelmed, but I hope that I will be in a non-voting government for a long time, and I will take part in it from the agenda," he added.

When asked why he most regrets his political career, the deputy prime minister said: "What did I get into politics."

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