Monday , March 1 2021

Jovancic ready for Napoli – SPORTS SEARCH


It's clear that Jovancic will not be in command of a bunch with TSC for eight days, but he might be in a betting team at Nisa

PHOTO: I. Veselinov

Good news for Red Star from a doctor's office – Dusan Jovancic Will be ready to go to Naples! An excellent midfielder in the final match is not seriously injured, so this week, it's easier to train.

Of course yes Jovancic will not be in the team for the TSC for eight days, but may be betting on Nisa. The most important thing is that the opportunity to arrive in Naples on 28 November is high.

Jovancic He enjoyed playing the star against Liverpool and injured himself in this game. The first forecast was poor, but the new information was encouraging.

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