Tuesday , March 21 2023

Isolation shakes with laughter: David Said with the beauty of the world Karađorđe corrected in Serbian (VIDEO) | Telegraph


David, Alexander, Adam, Marijana and Miki spoke separately, and then they touched Karadjordje Subotic. Dragosiewicz told Aleksandar's father that he was using Andriana Lima on the Facebook profile. And in Serbian.

– You know that Facebook formed a fake profile, he replied with Adrian Limu. And he meets her, "said David, and then they all shouted in isolation with laughter.

– in Serbian? asked Mickey.

"Yes," David said.

– Wait. And he was proud to admire Lima, "said Mickey.

Adrian Lima Photo: Jolver / Rodin Eckenroth / Getty Picture

– As soon as I go out, I've created a profile for Karadjordje and Adrian Lima.

– Go on, go home, go home. He's the king, "laughter said Mickey," laughter said Mickey.

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